Director of the School: G. 't HOOFT

Director Emeritus of the School: A. ZICHICHI


Erice, 21 June – 30 June 2019




  • F. ANTINORI, Highlights of ALICE [lecture1]
  • S. BERTOLUCCI, The international neutrino program [pdf]
  • A. BETTINI, News from Neutrinos [lecture1]
  • S.T. DAM, Matter under extreme circumstances [lecture1]
  • R. DE SALVO, Latest news from the gravitational wave front [lecture1]
  • A. EICHHORN, Asymptotically safe gravity [lecture1]
  • L. EVANS, Building a multi-billion particle accelerator [pdf]
  • S. FERRARA, Aspects of conformal supergravity [lecture1]
  • F. FERRONI, Highlights from Gran Sasso [lecture1]
  • H. FRITZSCH, Flavor mixing and Majorana Neutrino masses [lecture1], Remembering Murray Gell-Mann [lecture2]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Highlights of FAIR [lecture1]
  • D. HAIDT, The history of Neutral Current [lecture1]
  • P. JENNY, Highlights of ATLAS [lecture1]
  • M. LAINE, Neutrinos and the early Universe [lecture1]
  • G. SALAM, QCD for LHC [lecture1]
  • M. SHAPOSHNIKOV, Neutrinos, the Standard Model, and Beyond [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • M.J. TANNENBAUM, Highlights from BNL and RHIC [lecture1]
  • T. TAYLOR, ELN and the European Strategy for HEP [lecture1]
  • 't HOOFT, Expecting the Unexpected [lecture1]
  • J.D. VEITCH, Gravitational radiation [lecture1]
  • H. WENNINGER, The LAA Project [lecture1]
  • H. WITTIG, The muon g-2 [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • L. YAFFE, QCD under extreme circumstances [lecture1]

Presentations, by New Talents (44)

  • F. ACANFORA, Sub-GeV Dark Matter in Superfield He-4: an effective theory approach [pdf]
  • N. AGRAWAL, Suppression of Λ(1520) resonance production in central Pb-Pb collisions [pdf]
  • F. BASCONE, Poisson-Lie T-duality, doubling and generalized geometry in explicit models [pdf]
  • K.V. BAZAROV, Imaginary parts of Gaussian effective actions in global de Sitter space [pdf]
  • M. BERTEMES, Search for an invisible Z' and invisibly decaying Y(1S) with the Belle II experiments [pdf]
  • L. BUONINFANTE, Towords a ghost- and singularity-free theory of gravity [pdf]
  • G. CAVALLERO, Evidence for and eta_c(1S)pi- resonance in B0 -> eta_c(1S)K+pi- decays [pdf]
  • F. CONTINO, Protecting electroweak vacuum from New Physics destabilization [pdf]
  • F. FERRARO, 22Ne(p,gamma)23Na cross section measurement at astrophysical energies [pdf]
  • A. FLORIO, Chiral charge dynamics in Abelian gauge theory at finite temperature [pdf]
  • Y. HEYDARZADE, New Classes of Spherically Symmetric, Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models [pdf]
  • D.L. HO, Wordline instantons for magnetic monopoles in heavy ion collsions [pdf]
  • J. HU, Measurement of reactor antineutrino flux and spectrum at Daya Bay [pdf]
  • E. IEVLEV, Non-Abelian strings in sypersymmetric QCD and two-dimensional sigma models [pdf]
  • O.Y. IVASHTENKO, Theoretical search for transient cosmic accelerator [pdf]
  • E. IZOTOVA, Evolution of quantum systems in environments: Perturbation theory for Lindblad-Franke equation [pdf]
  • V. KALIUZHNYI, Excited charm study in B+->Ds*+ D* - pi+ decay in Belle experiment [pdf]
  • A. KAPUSTIN, Similarities between the embedding theory and mimetic gravity [pdf]
  • G. KASZA, Lifetime estimations of high energy heavy-ion collisions [pdf]
  • E. KENDALL, The theory and computational modelling of ultra-light dark matter [pdf]
  • I.P. KHAN, BPS black holes, Moonshine symmetry and Airy equation [pdf]
  • M. KHELASHVILI, Modelling of a galaxy rotation curves using nonstandard (mu-deformed) statistics [pdf]
  • F. KUIPERS, Quantum gravitational corrections to a star metric and the black hole limit [pdf]
  • M. KUßNER, Experimental "identification" of Glueballs [pdf]
  • H-L. LI, Model-independent approach to the reconstruction of multiflavor supernova neutrino energy spectra [pdf]
  • Y. LI, Measurement of the Xi_c absolute branching fraction [pdf]
  • F. LOPARCO, Probing New Physics with B ->rho(->𝝅𝝅)lv and \bar{B} -> a1(->rho𝝅)lv [pdf]
  • C. MORENO PULIDO, Brans-Dicke as an effective dynamical dark energy model [pdf]
  • J. NEILSON, Nanolayered reflective coating for interferomentric gravitational wave detectors [pdf]
  • K. PELCZAR, Differential output charge sensitive amplifier for germanium spectroscopy [pdf]
  • L. PETRUZZIELLO, Non-relativistic neutrinos and the weak equivalence principle violation [pdf]
  • D. PROKHOROVA, Pseudorapidity dependence of multiplicity fluctuations and correlations [pdf]
  • M. SCHIFFER, d=4 as the critical dimensionality of asympotically safe interactions [pdf]
  • M. SHCHEDROLOSIEV, Limits on contact interactions and leptoquarks at HERA [pdf]
  • A. SHTENNIKOVA, Quantum decoherence during inflation [pdf]
  • D.P. SOLOVEV, The limit shape phenomena in representation theory of quantum groups [pdf]
  • M. STEFANIAK, Studies of proton-antiproton flow differences [pdf]
  • D.A. TRUNIN, On the strong scalar field decay and loop corrections [pdf]
  • K. UNO, Search for gluinos in final states with the jets and missing transverse momentum at 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector using machine learning [pdf]
  • J. VAN DEN ABEELE, Xsec: The cross-section evaluation code [pdf]
  • T. VAZQUEZ SCHRODER, Multileptons: From Higgs to New Physics at the LHC [pdf]
  • K. ZATRIMAYLOV, Current models of Dark Matter [pdf]
  • H. ZHANG, Cross section measurement of the process e+e- -> Lambda\bar{Sigma}0/c.c from threshold to 3.08 GeV [pdf]
  • Z. ZIMBORAS, Quantification of General Relativistic effects in muon g-2, EDM and other spin precession experiments [pdf]

Posters, by New Talents (9)

  • N. AGRAWAL, Suppression of Λ(1520) resonance production in central Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC [pdf]
  • Y. BIONDI, Xenoscope: towords DARWIN - the ultimate Dark Matter Detector [pdf]
  • B.L. CERCHIAI, Symmetries and Dualites from Supergravity to Graphene [pdf]
  • F. FERRARO, Laboratory for Underground Nuclear Astrophysics (LUNA) [pdf]
  • Y. HEYDARZADE, Emergent Universe in the Braneworld Scenario[pdf]
  • E. IZOTOVA, Evolution of quantum systems in environments: perturbation thoery for Lindblad-Franke equation[pdf]
  • G. KASZA, Initial energy density estimation from RHIC Au+Au data [pdf]
  • H. LI, Model-independent approach to the reconstruction of multiflavor supernova neutrino energy spectra [pdf]
  • M. STEFANIAK, Beam energy scan program with EPOS model [pdf]

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