Directors of the School: A. ZICHICHI, A. ZOCCOLI


Erice, 15 June – 24 June 2022

CO-DIRECTORS of the Course: G. 't HOOFT - A. ZOCCOLI




  • M.G. ALFORD, Probing dense matter with neutron star mergers [lecture]
  • A. BETTINI, Are neutrino and antineutrino the same particle? [lecture]
  • G. CELLA, Observing the universe through gravitational waves: What are we learning [lecture]
  • M. COBAL, Highlights from CMS and ATLAS [lecture]
  • J.R. ELLIS, The present status of the Standard Model with some focus on Steven Weinberg's contributions [lecture]
  • M.C. GONZALES-GARCIA, Status of the neutrino masses, oscillation and mixing [lecture]
  • P. GIUBELLINO, Highlights from FAIR [lecture]
  • F. HALZEN, Highlights from Ice Cube [lecture]
  • Y. KOSHIO, Highlights from ICCR [lecture]
  • E. LAENEN, LHC and perturbative QCD [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • L. LELLOUCH, The challenge of g minus 2 [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • M. LINDNER, Status and perspectives of direct detection of dark matter [lecture]
  • L. MUSA, Highlights from ALICE [lecture]
  • M. PEPE ALTARELLI, Highlights from LHCb [lecture]
  • P. SIKIVIE, Axions in particle physics and cosmology [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • M. STEPHANOV, High T QCD plasma and QCD Phase diagram [lecture]
  • G. 't HOOFT, Foundamental Quantum Mechanics, quantum gravity and black holes [lecture]
  • L. VERDE, What does cosmology tell us about neutrinos [lecture1] [lecture2]
  • A. ZOCCOLI, Highlights from Gran Sasso [lecture]

Presentations, by New Talents (21)

  • V. BARINOV, Toward testing sterile neutrino Dark Matter [pdf]
  • K. BEPARI, Quantum walk approach for simulating parton showers in high energy collisions [pdf]
  • L. BERNS, Computationally efficient frequentist statistics torward Leptonic CP violation [pdf]
  • A. CHATWIN-DAVIES, Natural covariant Planck scale cutoffs and CMB spectrum [pdf]
  • M. DELTO, Mixed QCD-EW corrections to on-shell vector boson production at the LHC [pdf]
  • C. DOERING, Gravitational wave induced baryon acoustic oscillations [pdf]
  • F. ERCOLESSI, Probing the interplay of multiplicity and effective energy on strangeness production in pp collisions with ALICE [pdf]
  • A.L. FOGUEL da SILVA, New limits on Leptophilic ALPs and Majorons from ArgoNeuT [pdf]
  • A. GUILLEN, Unitarity Violation in Higgs Inflation [pdf]
  • D. KICKSES, Event-by-event Investigation of the Two-Particle Source Function in Heavy Ion Collisions [pdf]
  • A. KUNTZ, Three body problem in General Relativity [pdf]
  • A. HELL, Exploring the Dualities of Gauge Therories Amu vs Bmu,vu [pdf]
  • E. MORENO, Anomaly detection for experimental physics [pdf]
  • S. MUTZEL, Axion-like particles as mediators for dark matter: beyond freeze-out [pdf]
  • A. OMELIUKH, The High Energy Interaction in Blazar Jets [pdf]
  • L. PERTOLDI, Searching for matter creation with GERDA and beyond [pdf]
  • M.S. PRADEEP, Freeze out of fluctuations near the critical point in Hydro [pdf]
  • F. REVELLO, The Holographic Swampland and integer conformal dimensions [pdf]
  • N. RUBINI, Production of 𝜙-meson pairs with ALICE at the LHC: a novel probe for strangeness production [pdf]
  • S. STRAZZI, Performance study of low-gain avalanche detectors [pdf]
  • V. VOLKOVA, Modified gravity in cosmology [pdf]

Posters, by New Talents (6)

  • A.L. FOGUEL da SILVA, Robust Description of Hadronic Decays in Light Vector Mediator Models
  • D. KINCSES, Event-by-Event Investigation of the Two-Particle Source Function in Heavy-Ion Collisions with EPOS
  • G. MALFATTORE, Antinuclei from the laboratory to the cosmos: getting ready for the LHC Run 3 [pdf]
  • N. RUBINI, SiPM response to radiation damage and anneling treatment for the EIC dual-radiation RICH
  • A.M. SHTENNIKOVA, Horndeski theory in Newtonian guage
  • S. STRAZZI, Timing performance of the thin Low-Gain Avalanche Detectionr (LGADs)

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